Thursday, August 29, 2013

Progression from the big flare (neck)

I believe I had my first serious flare (at my neck) when I was in my 4th month of withdrawal. It started with red itchy blotches of red (first sign of BURNING see pic dated 26/7). Subsequently, the redness turned brownish and black. Edema followed. My neck swelled up and there were deep horizontal neck folds. My worst was probably on the 30/7. Amazingly, the skin peeled and shed quickly. In a week's time my neck looked much better (7/8).

However, it is known that rebounds are very common in TSW. True enough, my neck looked well for just a few days. On the 8/8, my body reacted to some food and the flare started again. This time, the flare wan't as bad as the previous. It healed quite nicely by 17/8.

Thus far, my body has gone through at least 3 rounds of flare. I am glad that healing comes as fast as the rebound. I could put on some make up and was looking somewhat normal on 25/8. This was how I looked at  Ashley's first Ballet Competition. Oh yes, she's such a gem. Her team came in first and I am just so proud of her!   

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