Thursday, August 29, 2013

Progression from the big flare (feet)

I simply cannot describe how bad my edema was. I couldn't walk properly. Every inch was painful (at my worst). Colleagues feared that I might fall and suggested that I should take sick leave. Thank God for His grace and mercy, I could manage slowly and yes, no sick leave taken at all! 

This episode helps me appreciate simple things so much more. Never would I imagine myself struggling with moving up the stairs or walking from point to point. I was the super garang woman who could lug tonnes of books and laptop to classrooms when I was heavily pregnant. This time, I needed help from students. Any extra weight on me will add more pressure to my feet. I couldn't carry anything at all. 

I am thankful that this episode humanizes me. I understand a little better the difficulties faced by people with physical disabilities. I was more understanding towards Alex when he had a gout attack a few days ago. This new understanding also changes the way I pray for people. I can empathize with those who are sick. I understand their pain and struggles. I plea too for God's mercy and grace in their lives....

Today I noticed a significant reduction in swell. I am just so thankful that the swell can come down at all. Thank God for every little progress! I still can't fit into any shoes but I am still thankful. Very thankful that He has helped me walked through the darkest days and has given much needed encouragement to lift my heart!     

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