Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My TSW diet

The amount of supplements I take is staggering. My sister (dear co-sufferer in TSW) believes that I should boost my immunity with these. She was really sweet to lug them back for me when I was so ill. Some well meaning church friends recommended G3 and Tegreen from Nu Skin. I'm taking them too. 

A list of what I pop in my mouth daily: 
- Wheatgrass shots
- Probiotic (Lactogg)
- Flaxseed oil
- Primrose oil
- Fish oil (Omega)
- Pine Tree Bark (Pycnogenol®)
- Olive Extract (Olivia Forte)
- G3 Juice
- Green Tea Extract (Tegreen) 

My dear sis is like my food consultant. She advises me on what I should and not eat. Concertedly we stopped consumption of highly allergenic foods like chicken, all types of dairy, eggs, some nuts and soy (no coffee and sugar too). My diet is strictly fish (lots of cod, salmon), some red meat, vegetables (broccoli is good as it is anti-inflammatory) and fruits (I take all kinds). In fact, I try to eat uncooked and unprocessed food like sashimi and salad. 

It can be a challenge to find food that is TSW-friendly. I was battling bad edema and a friend suggested taking the following:

- Apple cider vinegar
- Manuka honey
- Turmeric 
- Cinnamon
- Chia seeds

I created a concoction with the above ingredients and drank it. Oh my gosh, I can't even describe how disgusting it was. I gulped down a few cups and decided not to torture myself further. TSW is enough of suffering! Instead of drinking these ingredients in some murky and foamy solution, I use these ingredients in the making of my TSW bread. 

This bread is not too bad actually. I dumped bread flour, yeast, manuka honey (to replace sugar), measured amounts of turmeric and cinnamon (depending on your preference and tolerance for these spices), generous amount of chia seed and some water into the mixer. No butter or eggs added. There I have, my own version of TSW bread that I can safely eat! To spice it up, I used spicy tuna as fillings. 

I take a lot of different types of drinks like rooibos tea, home brewed ginger and lemongrass drink etc.  My sis will brew nice Chinese tonic herbal soups with dang gui, pao sheng, hong zhao etc. almost every other day. How blessed! 

Basically, it is important to eat well and to give the body sufficient nutrients to heal. I am not sure 'to what extent' these supplements/ food help me. I believe as long as they don't give me the rash, hives, itch etc, they are good and can help in nursing me back to health. 

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