Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Managing TSW: Slather them on!

I have never used so much moisturiser, different types of oil and cream in my life time. TSW set me back by a good amount of money, lavishing on my cracked and charred skin. Unfortunately I can't stick to just one type of emollient. The skin is really sensitive and what worked before doesn't work anymore. Its trial and error to see what works. See the array of emollient I am currently using. I have to alternate the emollients or layer them (depending on whether my skin screams). Sometimes I am at a lost on which to apply... because nothing seems to work... Well I am still searching and trying new emollients as I progress through different stages of TSW. 

Some reviews (of those I am currently using): 
1) Salcura Dermaspray - I use it on flared areas. Nice (and strong) evaporative cooling effect. Can feel really cold and send me shivering though. I used this through my darkest nights. 
2) Salcura Zeoderm - Very moisturising but stingy. Not for open wounds. 
(I bought Dermaspray and Zeoderm from UK. I don't think Zeoderm is available in Singapore. Only the small bottle of spray can be bought locally. Trust me, its cheaper to order online) 
3) Thursday Plantation Tea tree cream - A must for me. Evaporative cooling effect. Soothes immediately and helps in healing cracks and wounds. I use it liberally. Can be drying. 
4) Thursday Plantation Tea tree oil - I mix the oil with QV cream and apply liberally all over. Love the scent (mum hates it though). Calming and soothing. I apply it directly on painful pimple-like bumps. I think it helps to bring the inflammation down.  
5) Four Cows Baby Oil - Ok, this is more for my daughter to play with. She pretends to be a nurse/doctor and use this oil to "dress my wounds". It's quite a mild oil so I do not react to it. 
6) Four Cows Tea Tree Remedy - Very creamy and oily cream. A combination of oil and cream. Good for chapped areas. 
7) QV cream - I cannot live without this. I use about a tub a week (that's a lot). Creamy and not as oily compared to oil. It doesn't sting as much as Zeoderm. I use it as a base. Sometimes I layer Zeoderm over it if I know I will be in an aircon room for a long time. 
8) QV lotion - For some immediate relief without the thickness of QV cream. I use it on days when my skin needs to breathe. 
9) Maya eczema cream - This is more like oil than cream. Needs to be refrigerated. I find it too oily and its not well absorbed by my body. I believe can be helpful for chapped areas. My sis said it reduces oozing.  
10) Coconut oil - I have yet to try this. Waiting for the time when nothing else works.  
11) NU SKIN Aloe Vera (Enhancer) - Some swear by this. I use this on my face. I think its ok, nothing to shout about. Soothing. 

My bath oils/gel have been carefully selected too. These seem to work quite well for me. 

Update on 17/9: 
I went on to try many other creams:
1) David Hoskings (see blog post: David Hoskings' Psorexederm Cream)

2) Maya Spray: Stingy for me. Not great as my skin felt unsettled with it. 

2) Egyptian Magic: Its rich and smooth. Felt alright when I applied. 

3) Aloe Vera Gelly: A really nice friend based in Switzerland passed it to me through her mum. How sweet and thoughtful. Thanks Andrea and Auntie Vivian. Unfortunately aloe vera is a big no no for me. Super itchy and irritates badly the moment I applied it. 

4) Avocado Oil: My piano teacher, Doris bought this for me. How sweet too! I used it once to remove make up on my face. Pretty effective. I guess it is good to use natural oil for skin care. 

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