Saturday, August 17, 2013

Can the skin heals itself without steroids?

The answer is absolutely. I compared some pictures of my skin during flares and after flares without the use of steroids. Amazingly, the skin is capable of healing. But you must give it time. 

In just a matter of 2 weeks, my neck flared, burnt and peeled. It looks quite ok after peeling (except that I look dark). As of today, my neck went through two rounds of burning and peeling. 

My message is: Opt for natural healing and do not turn to steroids so quickly for immediate relief or so called "healing". Your eczema DOES NOT HEAL from steroids. Steroids only suppress the inflammation and prevents the blood vessels from dilating. Once you are off steroids, these blood vessels will dilate and burn your skin, hence the Red Skin Syndrome. You won't even know you are addicted to steroids until you are off it. Scary.   


Itchy Mitchy said...

So True! It aggravated the severity of the Situation! If only I can Turn back the time! I wouldn't have used steroid. If only i have found that Out earlier.

ILOVEAAA said...

Yup, I wish I found this out earlier. Horrid! That's why we must tell others about the harmful effects of steroids. Hopefully many will be spared...