Thursday, March 6, 2014

A pandora of wishes

This is for my little girl. A treasure trove for her to discover one day.

Each charm with its special blessing and wish for her....
1) Cross: May you see Jesus. Find Him real.
2) Bible: May you anchor your life in the teachings of God’s word. Love His word.
3) Heart and Key: May you find the man who treasures the key to your heart. Choose wisely.
4) Flowers: Take time to smell the flowers. Meditate on all things lovely.
5) Graduation cap: May you seek and pursue knowledge and wisdom. Read voraciously.
6) Crown of jewels: May you be blessed with all things precious and beautiful. You are my princess. This is your crown.
7) Pearl: May you always be classy and elegant, gracious in all your dealings.
8) Flip flop: See the world for all its worth and leave your footprints behind. Create an impact.
9) Birthday cake: Take time to remember those around you. Be a blessing.
10) Family: May you find comfort in the warmth of family. Spiritual and physical.
11) Abstract: May you remain stoic in the ebb and flow of life. Hold fast to your faith.

I love you,

M. T.


Stop Steroid - Typing Me said...

hi! im undergoing TSW now too.. how are you progressing along?

ILOVEAAA said...

Hi I am coping well. Thanks for dropping by. Feel free to email me at