Tuesday, September 17, 2013

David Hoskings' Psorexederm Cream

A friend told me about David Hoskings' creams for eczema and I decided to give it a try. I emailed David with pictures of my feet and short medical history. He responded promptly and advised the use of his Hypoallergenic Balm and Psorexederm Cream. 

He suggested I coat my feet with a thick layer of psorexederm and cover it loosely with some cloths. Its kind of mummifying my legs:

I tried the psorexederm for a week and I think it works for me. Look at this picture showing before and after 1 week use. It reduces inflammation and dries up the ooze.

The problem I have with David's psorexederm cream is the mess it creates. It is so sticky and thick that no matter how I wrapped my legs, some cream will stain the parquet, clothing and bed sheets. I really do not like the stickiness on the parquet. I guess I need to find better ways to manage the application of the cream.  


Cris said...

Hi!! I'm also from singapore and undergoing tsw at the moment. I chanced upon your blog and saw your post on David hoskings creams. Do you really find it effective? I am tempted to try them but they are rather expensive for me. Are you still using them and returned to order more from them?

Await your kind reply and fight on!!

ILOVEAAA said...

Hi there, sorry for late reply. Perhaps you can drop me an email gloriamash@hotmail.com
I can pass you some samples to try first.