Monday, January 11, 2016

Moving on

It is just so amazing to know that January 2016 marks my 33rd month in this journey of steroids withdrawal. Almost 3 years free of steroids!
How time flies and I am so glad I have progressed from the lowest point in my life in 2013 when I witnessed the most horrendous damage steroids did to my body.

Till today, I speak passionately against the use of topical steroids to treat eczema and this post has always been my point of reference on the damaging effects of steroids .

Allow me to wallow in sentimentality as I recall how I have progressed....

Some goodbyes are necessary:

1) Supplements
The amount of supplements that I used to consume was whopping. Currently I am good not taking any. Occasionally I might pop in some probiotics, olive extract or whatever left over supplements that have yet to expire.

2) Creams
I couldn't have survived without the use of moisturizer. Thank God for His marvelous provision of the various moisturizers that I could get my hands on.
I am so thankful that gone are the days I need to lather them on. Today, a daily night routine is simply to mix some tea tree oil with a light lotion (my preference is still QV).

3) Friends 
Not sure if this is a good problem. 
Many friends were made during the TSW period. However as we improved in our health and recovered from TSW addiction, many of us have also moved on with our own lives. Over time, we stopped keeping in touch and probably never will as the 'need' to do so has diminished and disappeared. I like to think this is a good problem. Lovely goodbyes indeed. 

Everyone I know who is on this journey has improved in his/hers quality of life. There is not one I know who won't testify that the journey is not worth the pain. 

Should you are at the crossroad, wondering whether to embark on a steroids free journey, feel drop to drop a line. 

This website should be a good place to start. 


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