Thursday, February 20, 2014

Getting out of a rebound

Some of you wrote to ask how I was coping with the Jan rebound. I am glad to share that I am improving. I can FEEL the improvements. Bath time is not as torturous and there's lesser open wounds. Skin is less reactive and does not scream for moisturizer. Inflammation has gone down with less bumps. There is no strong urge to scratch (except for the habitual part). Flakes has reduced by a tremendous amount. 

Getting out of this rebound (lasted about 6 weeks) doesn't mean my skin is looking normal and good. In fact, it continues to look plasticky, pigmented, flaky and Inflamed. There are big well defined blotchy areas. See the pictures below.

Well defined areas: Skin damaged by steroids vs normal skin. I am flaking on damaged skin.

 My hands look so blotchy. I have been wearing long sleeves in this sunny country. 


My flakes in the morning has reduced significantly. 
This amount is "nothing" compared to the usual amount.  

To me, the look of the skin is secondary. I am just so thankful that I can FEEL more comfortable and be less edgy. In short, I am actually feeling good from the improvement made. Thank God for every little relief!


Itchy Mitchy said...

What did you use to make them dry like that? Mine is so red and itchy right now

ILOVEAAA said...

Hi Mitchy, I didn't use anything different. The redness just dries up itself with time. It's part of the flaring cycle.