Monday, February 24, 2014

30 facts about TSW that you must know

1) Never see yourself naked in the mirror, you look better dressed.
2) Forget about the next Chanel bag, you are better off spending your money on moisturizer.
3) There is a surge in daily new vocabulary used: inflammation, chills, hives, shedding, withdrawal, addiction, stingy, oozes.
4) You acquire new vocabulary like 'edema'.
5) You are a good problem in a busy food court. People shun you and you get your seat.
6) You make new friends across the globe. People you have never met.
7) You stalk web blogs and chart progress of fellow sufferers.
8) For the first time in your life you called yourself a wreak.
9) You emit an indescribable scent. A concoction of ooze and blood.
10) You hated the aircon and wished it is never invented.
11) You have the will to eradicate sugar completely from your diet
12) You changed your wardrobe to make way for long pants and long sleeve shirts
13) Your enemy is now your dermatologist.
14) You wished you can fly to California to meet the doctor you hear so much about.
15) You are bold enough to question doctors and their prescription.
16) 'Steroid' is now a swear word.
17) You have a mini drug store at home.
18) You hunt online for the cheapest deal cos you need tones of the same thing.
19) You google every chemical term printed on emollients.
20) You wished you can go into coma.
21) You found God real and have the strength to fight the beast.
22) You hope your husband won't walk out of you and still find you attractive.
23) You know people are lying if they say you are still gorgeous.
24) Your hair is permanently up in a bun.
25) You are surely down to your bare minimal. No makeup and contact lenses.
26) You considered raw food diet.
27) Your husband reminded you that you are irritable.
28) You look enviously at ladies with good skin.
29) You have come to acceptance that you will never be able to swim in bikini.
30) You find inspiration to write down "30 facts about TSW that you must know".

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Anonymous said...

This made me sad but happy at the same time. I hate the idea of not being able to wear a bikini. I'm hoping that all us TSW sufferers heal.