Friday, January 3, 2014


I have not been updating this blog and I realised I was so busy getting my life back after the symptoms eased. I was busy helping with the kids' exams, preparing for Christmas, away on family holidays... It was a good two months of getting by my yearly routine. In fact to be able to do so is considered an achievement, given that I was so ill few months back.

Let me list down some of the milestones while I was away:
1) My edema subsided significantly. Yes, I can finally  fit into all my shoes and even bought more new ones to celebrate this!

2) I can travel! In November and December, I traveled to Hong Kong and Chiang Mai. I was apprehensive about how I would react in the cold. Surprisingly, the moderate cold (15+ C) in Hong Kong was bearable and in fact comfortable! My skin did not crack under the dryness. However I was not too optimistic about exposing my skin to severe cold wintery conditions. Hence winter holidays are out.

3) I could eat all kinds of food without fearing a reaction. I think to be able to do this is so significant. In my 4th month of withdrawal. I reacted to lamb, strawberries (they gave me hives) and I was cautious of every morsel of food I took. In Hong Kong, I found myself taking lots of seafood (prawns, shell fish, crabs...etc.). Not that I fancy seafood but my hubby loves it. I was actually fine taking it. No flares, no hives, no itch from eating! What a pleasant surprise. Take a look at some of the yummy seafood I took in Hong Kong.

4) Coffee? Wine? Sugar? That's alright too. Oh yes, I am back to my old diet- coffee and lots of it. During my flares, I cut coffee, wine and sugar completely. Coffee is dehydrating, wine causes dilation of blood vessels and sugar causes inflammation. They are not TSW friendly at all. As my symptoms eased, I went back to drinking some coffee (its my comfort drink!), took some wine and desserts during festive period. In fact, I believe I added a few kilos with the increased sugar intake. I am not suggesting that coffee, wine and sugar is good. In fact, I hope I will be more discipline to eat healthily. What I am rejoicing is I can take sugar without fearing reaction or worsening inflammation.

Gorgeous rose flavored coffee and desserts from Agnes B Cafe

5) I was well enough to invite few groups of friends and students over to my place in December. Children had fun running around, ransacking the fridge, getting busy with activities like scrap booking while mummy was busy cooking and tending to their needs. Can you imagine the mess? At one point there were 12 children running all over the house! But seriously, there is much joy in the ability to be a host. This was not possible when I was ill. In fact for few months, we could not have guests over as I couldn't stand for long due to severe edema. Below is a picture of the gathering of my 40 over students at my place in December. Trust me, it is no easy feat to have so many over at the same time (with dinner provided). Thank God for granting me good recovery with energy level to be a blessing to them!

Hang on there warriors. Yes, I know you are reading. As you look back at your journey, celebrate every little improvement and list down your milestones too!

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